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Raj & Kalpana


V K Rajagopalan

Raj, entrepreneur and artist

While I certainly don’t have any regrets concerning the career choices I’ve made in my life, and while I got a huge amount of satisfaction from working with people all over the world, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was missing. Helping others achieve their goals on the internet is wonderful and it’s something I love doing, but everything I do, I’m doing for others. The websites I create are for them and based on what they want, and how they want them to look and feel. I sometimes felt and still do feel that this restricts my passion for exploring my own inner creativity. Maybe it was our sons turning into adults and later leaving home to pursue their education that really highlighted this missing link in my life. All I can say is that I’m so glad I found art. It has well and truly filled a big hole in my life.

V K Rajagopalan, known simply as “Raj” to his family, friends and colleagues, lives in New Delhi with his wife. They have two sons, both of whom have left home to pursue their educational goals overseas. Raj himself has spent much of his life furthering his own education, which in turn has allowed him to experience life both as an employee and as an employer. He has two degrees; a management degree in marketing and one in finance, and has filled senior positions for more than 30 years. In addition to his degrees, he also has several other qualifications and certifications in the field of IT; SAP and etc.

Six years ago, Raj decided to break free from his former career so he could put his other qualifications to work. He set up his own business in 2006 which specializes in Web-based performance marketing, as well as blog and website design; development and site optimization.

Spending so much time designing blogs and websites for others proved to be a challenge which Raj enjoyed because he believes everyone should be able to explore their own creativity, and his new career path allowed him to put his creativity to use. Despite this however, Raj felt that he still wasn’t able to explore his own creativity to the full extent.

Shortly prior to launching his own business, Raj and his wife, Kalpana had met an artist by the name of Ravinder Kumar, and they were soon persuaded to start doing some art themselves under the guidance of their new found friend and teacher. Both Raj and his wife proved to be extremely dedicated students, and their passion for art blossomed as they progressed from one level to the next. Today, Raj paints for both pleasure and profit, and sometimes just to escape the stress and pressure of his professional Web related career.



Kalpana, certified educator and artist

After I finished my schooling I wanted to further my education so I studied for a degree in science. However, once I got my degree I had a really strong urge to teach others just as others had taught me, and I suppose this is what drove me to obtain another degree in teaching. With a teaching degree and a science degree to my name I was able to move forward with my life, and in the direction I longed to follow. My choice of career also resulted in me becoming a certified educator, and I can’t explain just how grateful I am for all the amazing opportunities I’ve had. I have also been blessed with a wonderful loving husband who has always been there for me when I’ve needed him, and together we’ve overcome some incredible challenges. I also have two wonderful children who have grown up to be two lovely young men. Having spent most of my life teaching others, I now try and focus more on my family and I, and when I’m not looking after my family, I spend my time painting.

Kalpana has loved art ever since she was a young girl growing up with her parents, but she never had the opportunity to actually study art during her school years. When she finished school, it was time to start thinking about higher education and career choices, and her choices once again left her with little time to pursue her passion for art. Even though Kalpana never received any formal art lessons, she still did quite a lot of fabric painting, along with other arts and crafts. Her long teaching career also brought her into contact with many other people with an interest in art, and this allowed them to exchange ideas.

Like her husband, Kalpana stepped down from her teaching career about six years ago and joined Raj when he set up his own business. While she certainly plays an active role in the business, her main focus is on painting. Not being formally employed anymore means she can well and truly commit herself to her painting, and both her and her husband now spend a lot of time enjoying this passion together. Up until quite recently, Kalpana was only offering her works to friends and family, but later started selling her art, and most recently, they have also started selling their work online.

Our Teacher

People like Ravinder Kumar are not easy to find these days, and we really feel blessed by him coming into our lives when he did. He is an extremely talented artist, and also an amazing teacher who appears to have a never ending desire to pass on his knowledge and skill. I have never met a person with more patience and with such a strong desire to teach those who want to learn.

If you’re reading this Ravinder Kumarji ……….

My wife and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.